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Science + time = better learning.

Aside from wine, cheese, and Jane Fonda, there aren't too many things we know for sure that get better with time. It's no secret that Fonda used the science of exercise to pioneer a revolutionary fitness methodology that not only changed lives (and waistlines) but, also how we approach exercise. It became fun, engaging, consumable, and ultimately, effective.   


We'd like to think we (sort of) did the same thing when we set out to revolutionize learning. But, of course the difference is we used the science of learning focused on one specific muscle 🧠

We wanted to make learning fun, engaging, consumable, and most importantly, aligned to how our brains actually want to receive new information! And, without getting too scientific, we found our answer in designing a methodology that honours the brain's natural learning cycle (psst we have a white paper for that if you want to talk science). 

We work with content providers like authors, trainers, and other subject matter experts who use our methodology to transform their content into a more effective and consumable format. We also work directly with companies who are looking to implement and/or improve a training program. And, an added bonus is that once you grasp the methodology, it can be applied to almost any content area or format. Whether that's text, video, in-person or online training, once you learn it you will understand how it's hard to think of creating content or instruction any other way.


Actually, it becomes so innate that if you're not careful you might just start to live it before you even notice. 

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