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They say change doesn't happen overnight, but we invented a learning methodology for that. 


We started with asking ourselves a key question: what would it take to create a learning design that aligns to how the brain actually wants to learn? Moreover, what if we leverage this to help groups of individuals in different locations, whether that be a company or any individuals trying to build a common practice, and set them up with the best chances for success in skill adoption?

Like all good spectacular things that come with time, we had to spend a few years doing a lot

of collaborating, research, and testing. So, you can imagine how ironic it was when the 

research led us to find the answer in active testing and collaboration! We then leveraged our findings to create a learning methodology that supports the way the brain naturally forms permanent memory. 

And fast-forward to today, we'd like to think we work with the best brains out there! Whether it's authors and trainers looking to improve their content, bring it online, and scale their business, or the brains behind the companies who know they need a training solution that has measurable results for their employees.


The question is: are you ready to unleash your best brain and train with us?   

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